Sara teaches Yoga, Meditation and Life Balance for Women.

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Sara Avant Stover | The Way of the Happy Woman's Teacher Profile

Sara StoverEven as a small girl, Sara Avant Stover (also known as Shiromani) was a dreamer and an explorer. Today she has traveled much of the world and remains committed to living with an open heart and open mind.

A Phi Beta Kapha and Summa cum Laude graduate of Columbia University’s Barnard College, as well as an Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher™ and RYT 500, Sara offers private sessions, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings around the world.

She offers gratitude to the grace of her spiritual teacher, ShantiMayi, and deep bows to her hatha yoga teachers, primarily Richard Freeman, Sofia Diaz, Jill Satterfield and leading teachers of the Anusara Yoga tradition: John Friend, Sianna Sherman and Desiree Rumbaugh. Studies in Buddhist Insight Meditation and Philosophy, Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Bodywork also influence her teachings. Sara integrates all of these into an individualized, breath-centered and poetic approach to practice that inspires students to expand beyond their boundaries and to move and live from their hearts. Continue reading ›

How to Be Happy In Hard Times

One of the magazines that I subscribe to is “Body + Soul”–because it is beautiful to look at AND it has really great articles. I recently read an article in one of the issues called “Happy in Hard Times,” by Frances Lefkowitz. And, since one of my passions is on the pursuit and emergence of [...]

Five Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

The summer after I graduated from college I headed off to fulfill a dream — I traveled solo through Europe for two months. Sauntering on Parisian streets; sipping vino in Italy; snuggling under down comforters in Switzerland and Austria; and noshing on pastries in Belgium, and Prague — I was finally free of all the [...]

How To Stay Cool with Yogic Breathing

During the dog days of summer we’re familiar with the usual methods of cooling off: AC, dips in cool lakes, watermelon, and tall glasses of iced tea or lemonade often do the trick.
Yogis, however, use yet another way; and it’s one that we doesn’t require paying an electricity bill or going on vacation.
We can cool [...]

Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Here’s a delicious and refreshing summer treat. While it’s dairy and sugarfree, it’s certainly high in the yum factor.
Peel and freeze very ripe bananas in a plastic freezer bag. (Very ripe banana skins have no green, they have black or brown marks all over, and the stem is brown or snaps back effortessly.) Freeze a [...]

The Courage to Feel

The Courage to Feel
Matthew Sanford on Yoga, Disability, and Mending the Mind – Body Relationship
By Sara Avant Stover
On a cold and misty Sunday afternoon in 1978 Matthew Sanford and his family were driving home from a Thanksgiving weekend in Kansas City, Missouri. Matthew, then thirteen, was asleep in the backseat when their car crossed a [...]

From Asana to Action

Use your yoga teachings to inspire social change.
By Sara Avant Stover
On November 5, 2008, Nelson Mandela wrote a letter to President-Elect Barack Obama—a letter that appeared in the New York Times the next day. Mandela’s missive included the statement, “Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream [...]

Jyotisha: The Yoga of the Cosmos

Jyotisha: The Yoga of the Cosmos
Interview with Dr. Katyayani Poole, Ph.D
By Sara Avant Stover
She hadn’t spoken to her brother in three years. Despite being a dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner and serving as Core Power’s Colorado regional manager, Heather Peterson couldn’t find the tools to mend this familial divide.
“All of the other work I’ve done [...]

Sink into Stillness

Fine tune your approach to Corpse Pose through an exploration of varying teaching philosophies.
By Sara Avant Stover
You rest on your mat, palms facing up, feet splayed apart. Energy pulses through your limbs. Your breath slows down as the cool air on your skin, the gentle weight of the wool blanket on your [...]

Butternut Squash Soup

To ensure both peace of mind and a strong immune system through the winter months, find ways to connect and harmonize with your surroundings now. One of the best ways to do this is by eating foods that are in season. Every single food that exists-from a coffee bean to an ear of [...]

The Feedback Mechanism

Learn how seeking constructive criticism from more experienced teachers can improve your teaching skills.
By Sara Avant Stover
At one point several years ago, Elena Brower, Anusara Yoga teacher and owner of New York City’s Vira Yoga, received letters of constructive, critical feedback from two of her teachers—both on the same day.
While this initially ignited her inner [...]

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