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Vinyasa Flow Master Class #3

Stephanie Keach

114 minutes
File Size: 68 MB


These special 2-hour Master classes with Stephanie Keach are the ultimate way to discover the sanctuary of your own heart as you transform your body. Stephanie weaves an eclectic blend of styles into her teaching: Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Core Strengthening, Zen Philosophy, Compassionate Humor and Ecstatic Chanting. You will build core strength through ancient yogic purification, energizing and healing practices. Your body and mind will thank you and reward you in countless ways!
Vinyasa Flow Master Class #3 Part 1
Vinyasa Flow Master Class #3 Part 2
Master Class #3 Asana Sequence Guide (pdf)

A challenging master class with a playful instructor
by Beth Cholette on July 15th 2009

Vinyasa Flow Master Class #3
This almost 2-hour audio (1 hour, 54 minutes) led by vinyasa yoga instructor Stephanie Keach. Consistent with being a master class (recorded from a teacher’s training series), Keach mainly utilizes Sanskrit names for the postures, and she weaves in additional yogic elements such as pranayama (breathing) and bandhas (locks). In fact, this particular session begins in a seated position for alternate nostril breathing as well as work on belly churning.

In true vinyasa style, the first 30 minutes or so of this class are quite fast-moving. However, Keach’s combinations and sequencing are uniquely her own. She begins with downward-facing frog and down dog before having the class move into one-sided sun salutations. These are performed quickly, and the flows include warrior 1, warrior 2, side angle pose, and pigeon. Transitioning with squat (and practicing root lock), Keach moves on to another series which incorporates high lunge, triangle, and revolved triangle. Additional standing work includes hamstring stretch, splits, half dog on forearms, and lion’s breath with uddiyana bandha. Throughout this challenging work, Keach jokes with her class about placing the emphasis on the HA! in hatha yoga.

Following this, there are a series of poses performed at the wall. This segment begins with dolphin/L-balance at the wall and then moves into full forearm balance. Other postures here include splits variation, backbend, and forward fold at the wall. For the final 30 minutes or so of the practice, Keach slows things down even further with lying and seated twists as well as seated forward bends. She allows plenty of time for relaxation, giving the class of choice of either savasana or legs-up-the-wall-pose. After approximately 13 minutes of silent rest, Keach brings the group back to a seated position, has them perform several more rounds of alternate nostril breathing—this time without using the hands—and then leads them in chanting the Gayatri Mantra before concluding the class with a final ohm.

This session is clearly intended for experienced yoga practitioners; it is demanding in terms of both strength and stamina. However, Keach is an easygoing, encouraging instructor whose teaching is infused with a playful sense of humor—her frequent one-liners keep the entire mood of the practice light and fun despite the hard work. This master class would be well-suited for those who enjoy intensive, full-length yoga routines performed in a live setting.

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