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About iHanuman

iHanuman is a community of yoga students and teachers dedicated to serving the global yoga community. iHanuman is the monkey bridge between students, teachers and the ancient wisdom of yoga. We created  an avenue for people to connect with others through new technology and positive social media.

Here you will find audio and video of your favorite teachers for FREE as well as for download. Our focus is yoga including ayurveda, sanskrit, philosophy, meditation, traditional thai massage, and yoga therapy.

A Brief History

iHanuman became the dream of our founders to share yoga using the digital universe. iHanuman co-founder, Sara Agelasto, moved to central Virginia to be with her husband, Peter, who develops cutting-edge web platforms and runs a recording & production studio.

After completing her yoga teacher training in 2004, every time Sara went to a yoga workshop, she left wishing she had a recording. Already working with Bluewall Media to create and develop new media and digital downloads, she enlisted the help of yoga teacher, Tilak Pyle, for whom, she and her husband filmed, Altar of the Heart.  After hundreds of hours developing a web publishing platform and digital download store, iHanuman was born and Altar of the Heart was our FIRST download!

In 2009, in order to keep up with the growing demands for digital media content, we moved our hand-coded web-publishing platform to Wordpress MultiUser. Now, with iHanuman 3.0, our largest upgrade EVER, (in short ) we integrated our distribution with our teacher community. 

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The iHanuman Yoga Platform

The iHanuman Website has been a labor of love since we began construction in 2006. We have participated in the development of the rise of Content Management Systems (CMS, aka Weblogs or Blogs), the inundation of social media platforms, the use of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and the onslaught of user generated content. (UGC).  

We  stand firm in our vision of creating an avenue for teachers to share the teachings of yoga in its many forms. And we have always been on the cutting edge of technology and at the forefront of the development community through our technology partners - Bluewall Media, newly renamed, Digital Relab.

Our latest version of iHanuman, takes everything that we have learned so far and puts the puzzle together. iHanuman 3.0 is a Drupal Platform. Drupal is an open source development community that ran the Obama Administration's Web Platform, among others. Drupal has allowed us not only to make it easier for our community of teachers, but also to hook in our latest web development solution for managing large scale media, content and distribution. For more information on our project, STARCHIVE, visit Our Design and Development Masterminds, Digital Relab.

Our Yoga Download Store

In 2006, we hand-coded a Digital Download Store. It was way ahead of its time for many years, but the Drupal Development community made up of thousands of professional computer programmers created their Ecommerce Platform for several years and we are SO happy to have access to their years of development.

Now, we can successfully integrate the teachers and students in our yoga community through our Distribution Center, the Starchive. This allows our teachers to manage and distribute files for their classes, workshops and teacher trainings. 

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Yoga Teachers

We created this site for yoga teachers to share their wisdom with the yoga universe and to give the teachings a platform upon which to travel. Our new site allows more active community participation. Everyone can join the community as a student and now teachers can submit their credentials and participate by:

Contributing Asana Images and Descriptions.

Adding Yoga Classes to the Global Calendar.

Create an New Asana Sequence and Share It.

Record Live Yoga Classes and Distribute them through iHanuman!

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Asana Index of Yoga Poses

Show Us Your Asana! Help Us Yogi-Source Our Asana Index of Yoga. We created detailed instructions for how to practice asana.

Co-Founder, Sara Agelasto, during her training to teach Iyengar Yoga,  donated the first 32 asanas on her introductory syllabus and scoured the web for awesome photos of the poses. These instructions are inspired and influenced by the teachings in BKS Iyengar's Light on Yoga and Geeta Iyengar's, Yoga: A Gem for Women, and Yoga in Action: The Preliminary Course Based on the Syllabus taught at the Ramamami Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. 

iHanuman, Co-Founder, Tilak Pyle, donated his Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide! And NOW we are yogi-sourcing the Asana Index. Join the Community and contribute asana posts including images about the poses you practice. We ask that each of our teachers become Pandits to Sponsor an Asana. We are yogi-sourcing the asana index to help more people find more yoga teachers and studios.

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Yoga Studios

Manage your own Studio Directory Listing. Advertise your studio's classes. Become a media contributor by creating featured studio content. Sponsor An Asana!

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