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Find Stability and Strength with Tadasana - Mountain Pose


Often times I tend to think of the vernal equinox as the new year. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it never feels like the right time for resolutions. But after a couple of weeks or months of cold hibernating weather, I often find the time to really reflect on the previous year and determine what has served me and what has not. Sometimes we host a fire ceremony where we write down that which no longer serve us on paper and burn these items with the intention of losing them for the new year.

As I begin to come out of hibernation, somewhere in the middle of march, my mind tends to shift and it is as if there is more space for new ideas and new growth. It is an expansive time of year. And this is what Chinese Philosophy has written over the years. The Spring is the season of the wood element where everything is expanding and pushing through the earth, staking its claim for its season of growth. In order to do this, one must be firmly rooted on the earth, feet firmly planted on the ground.

One of my favorite things to do is walk barefoot on the earth and as soon as it is warm enough I remove my shoes and feel the earth beneath my feet. It is empowering and energizing. My recommendation is to practice Tadasana as often as you can this spring outside. Tadasana is a pose you can practice anytime anywhere.

Return to your beginner's mind and enjoy this video of John Schumacher, teaching Tadasana or Mountain Pose from his home studio in Maryland.

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Listen to the Pronunciation of Tadasana. Courtesy of the Online Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide. [audio:]


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