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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Kerala in January 2019


Kerala, the land known for its spiritual significance has nurtured many Yoga and Ayurveda oracles in its lap. Become a Yoga connoisseur with the highest level of Yoga training in God’s own country. Join the 300 Hour Yoga certification in Kerala and realize your dream of becoming a Yoga teacher of global standard. Experience the moderate temperature of Kerala and its picturesque nature during the training in the blush month of January.

Event Description:

The 300 Hour Yoga TTC is the exhaustive form of Yoga Alliance recognized yoga courses in India. The program welcomes all those aspirants who have completed the 200 Hour yoga training and want to refine their understanding of the spiritual science on a higher level. With the advanced level of teaching, the training will be a life-transforming opportunity for the students.

Event Highlights:

• In-depth training of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga, two of the most ancient Yoga forms that are the origin of the contemporary styles.
• Practical implementation of the yogic principles in life.
• Scan your inner conscious and know about your potential with the practice of Meditation.
• Proper stimulation of the human body and mind with the breathing art of Pranayama.
• Get a deeper comprehension of the body’s anatomical structure and understand how Yoga effects the various body parts.
• An intensive level of Adjustment and Alignment to enhance the yogic skills and lessen the chances of any injury.
• Get acquainted with the enormous health benefits of Ayurveda and its principles.
• Practical sessions for getting a deeper perception of the art of managing a Yoga class during the Teaching Methodology sessions.
• Shat Kriyas and Satsang to purify the mind and eliminate the negative thoughts.
• Mantra Chanting sessions to illuminate the mind with the power of Mantras’ vibration.
• Explore the rich diversity of India by visiting various sites of historical and spiritual interest.

Food and Accommodation:

Relish the utterly palatable dishes served thrice a day at our ashram in Kerala. The food is prepared with enormous love and care by our Ayurveda-expert chefs. Kerala’s world-famous spices and herbal drinks are an integral part of our meals. A Vedic style accommodation awaits at our center in Kerala. Ensuring the proper comfort to the students, all our rooms are finely decorated and provided with all the modern facilities such as comfortable beds, fan, light, private washrooms, etc. The plush garden fitted with hanging hammocks marks an exotic stay at our center.

Fee Details: USD 1650 for a shared room and USD 1800 for a private room.

About Rishikul Yogshala: With a number of successful Yoga events in the 7 years of its existence, Rishikul Yogshala has made a significant name in the field of Yoga. A great believer in the power of the ancient Yoga form, the Yogshala intends to enlighten the world with the soulful guiding light of Yoga. Yoga TTC, Meditation Retreat, Yoga and Vedanta program, etc., are some of the topmost Yoga events organized by the Yoga Alliance certified school. Thousands of Yoga enthusiasts from across the globe get illuminated in the proximity of our well-versed teachers every year.


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