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Yoga Classes | Drop in Fitness Classes | Prenatal Yoga Near Me

The Village Vitality is a premier Yoga and Fitness Studio in Decatur.Drop in our fitness classes and prenatal yoga sessions to strengthen your mind and bodyVillage Vitality is the one-stop shop for full body wellness that compliments your active lifestyle.In today’s world of excess computer usage, looking down at the phone, and long periods of sitting, Village Vitality is a place to come to break from that world and to find your peace. We offer a variety of yoga classes throughout the day and for those with busier schedules we offer private yoga classes for individuals or groups. Let Village Vitality be your oasis. Decatur is known to Atlanta as the forefront leader in healthy habits and our goal is to be a beacon of health in our community offering numerous yoga sessions, assisted stretching, and healthy beverages to boost your wellness.


Yoga Classes Drop in Fitness Classes  Prenatal Yoga Near Me


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