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5 Yoga Benefits to Convince You to Start Your Practice Now

Just a scratch of benefits of yoga in order to convince you to start practicing yourself and experience much more than mentioned.
When you enroll for a fitness routine, you have to sweat for weeks to start seeing the desired results. On the other hand, yoga benefits you from the day you start. Besides, it not only helps you get in shape but also purifies your mind and soul. This has made yoga immensely popular in the health and wellness industry.
If these are not convincing to get you on the yoga mat then the following yoga benefits will:

Easy on the Wallet

In recent years yoga has become one of the best exercise routines which is also easy on the wallet as compared to some of the routines. Apart from India, yoga has spread its roots across different corners of the world. You may also plan for affordable yoga courses in Nepal or India if you are searching for a more authentic experience. As compared to the yoga teacher training prices in some of the western countries, the prices are much more economical in countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, etc.

Influences Heart rate variability

Scientists were convinced that yoga is beneficial for health through Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is the ability of the heart to change the frequency of its beats. With visible HRV, it was easier to prove that the body is responding to yoga. Increased heartbeat is a healthy sign while you are engaged in practicing yoga. It shows proper circulation of blood and oxygen. Enhanced circulation has a lasting effect on the heart and nervous system. Practicing pranayama, will improve your cardiac functions and eventually, prepares your heart for the healing process of the body.

Defends the body from chronic diseases or illness

Chronic diseases have always been scary. A treatment for them is either too expensive or one needs to travel to other places to get the treatment. But with the popularity of yoga on the rise, there have been cases that proved yoga is beneficial for patients of chronic diseases. Through daily practice yoga one can cure cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. The process starts with the cleansing of the body, heart, and mind to gain better physical health. In the beginning, it relieves your body from aches, joints pain, back pain etc. Eventually, it defends your body from illnesses or chronic diseases. Moreover, it reduces inflammation and advances the immune system of the body to combat diseases. 

Safeguards the gut, liver, and kidneys

There is a combination of therapeutic poses that specifically works for your gut, liver, and kidneys. This pose massages the organs and regulates the circulation of blood in them. In the gut, it increases the presence of healthy bacteria for proper digestion and improves Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). It improves the renal function of kidneys that results in complete detoxification. The twists and turns during the yoga poses urge liver to remove toxins and monitors the functions. There are poses in yoga that treat stones of the kidney and liver. There are substantial yoga courses that focus on the same. For certified yoga courses you may apply for yoga courses in Nepal.

Tunes mind and body’s willingness

Since yoga is not just for the body but also for the mind; it transforms the body completely and makes it receptive to positivity. It acts as a healing process by aligning the mind, body, and soul. It activates the bandhas and chakras of the body which channelizes the energy of the body in the right direction. Each chakra and bandha promotes their functions and prepare the body for a yogic lifestyle.
In order to get the true essence of yogic lifestyle one must visit Nepal. You may either apply for yoga courses in Nepal or opt for a yoga retreat in Nepal.
These benefits are just a scratch, we can brief about it throughout but still, the aids won’t be enough. It is will be easier to detect if you practice yoga yourself. In the end, you won’t be needing reasons to continue as you will be convinced by then.


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