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Ear Pressure Pose
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Karnapidasana Credit: Simply Nate Photo
Asana Description: 

In this pose, both the ears are pressed by the bent legs. The outside noise is shut off which makes one turn inwards.

This is an inverted posture where the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms are on the floor, the torso is perpendicular to the floor, the legs are over head with the knees bent and inner knees and thighs press the ears.

1. From Halasana, place the hands on the back. 

2. Exhale, flex the knees and bring the right knee by the right ear, the left knee by the left ear and rest the knees on the floor.

3. Stretch the toes and bring the feet together.

4. Keep the trunk lifted.

5. Keep the thighs closer to the abdomen so that they remain together.

6. Place the hands on either side of the spine. Extend the legs into Halasana.

7. Take the arms overhead and roll all the way down to Savasana.

Sanskrit Pronunciation: 

This asana rests the heart and improves circulation around the waistline.

Beginners Tips: 

Learn to lift the back upwards, against the pressure of the thighs on the trunk.

Modifications and Props : 

If you have weight in your abdomen or chest or feel claustrophobic, practice with your toes supported on a chair. Your arms can be behind you or your head. 


If you have high or low blood pressure, practice the standing poses with an experienced yoga teacher first before practicing inversions.



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