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English Name: 
Foot and Hand Pose
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Padahastasana by Portrait Yogi
Asana Description: 

This pose is practiced by standing on one's hands. 

1. Stand in Tadasana. Step or hop the feet hip distance apart. 
2. Exhale and bend forward without bending the knees. Insert the hands under the feet so that the palms touch the soles. Keep the head up. Back of the neck long. Draw the shoulderblades in the back and the abdomen towards the spine. 
3. Exhale and move the head in between the knees by bending the elbows and pulling the feet up from the palms. Press firmly into the inner and outer edges of the feet.
4. Inhale and raise the head and return to a concave back. Exhale and release the hands from the feet to the hips. Inhale and return to Tadasana

Sanskrit Pronunciation: 

The abdominal organs are toned and digestive juices stimulated. The hamstrings and sides of the waist are extended.

Beginners Tips: 

Until you can reach the feet, hold the ankles.
Create space in the armpits and groins.
Lift the abdomen to support the spine.

Modifications and Props : 

Place a strap underneath the balls of the feet if you cannot reach your ankles or the soles of the feet.
Take the feet wider than hip distance apart. Even as wide as the narrow edges of the sticky mat.
As you press into your feet, open the backs of the knees and inch your feet closer to one another over time, but this will allow you to lengthen your hamstrings and lower back.

Slipped spinal discs can only be adjusted in the concave back position. Do not bring your head in between the knees if displaced disc.

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