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Parivrtta Trikonasana

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Revolved Triangle Pose
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Teacher: Cora Wen
Asana Description: 

The legs are as in parsvottanasana. The pelvis is level and the torso and chest are revolved towards the forward leg. The Torso is in line with the legs and hips. The arms stretch from the shoulders and the gaze is up towards the top hand.



  1. Left Hand Outside the Right Foot

  2. Left Hand Inside the Right Foot near the arch.

  3. Left Hand on ankle


Jump to UHP, PHP, Exhale and rotate the entire trunk, pelvis, abdomen, chest and head to the right so that the left arm extends over the right leg.

Exhale and place the left hand fingertips down on the floor on the outside of the right foot.

Rotate the trunk and extend the right arm up in line with the shoulder.

Inhale and come up to PHP, UHP and Repeat on the other side.


Distribute the weight evenly on the feet and press the tops of the feet back. Press the shins back.

Roll the front thighs in, draw the thighs up and press the tops of the thighs back. Tighten the knees.

Press the inner edge of the front foot to draw that hip back and the outer edge of the back foot to take that hip forward so that the pelvis becomes level. Both legs are firm to turn the pelvic region.

Extend the torso over the legs and revolve the torso in such a way that both edges of the trunk are parallel to and in line with the right leg. The Trunk is in line from the hips to the head.

Extend the trunk towards the head in such a way that the abdominal muscles not only revolve but also move towards the chest.

Roll the outer shoulders back and take the shoulderblades into the back to broaden the collar bones and lift the chest. (Tuck the left shoulder blade in and expand the chest.)


Common Issues:

Shoulders are not in line with the hips

Both sides of the waist are not evenly extended.

Chest is not lifted.

Shoulderblades are not moving into the back.

Arms are not stretched straight.



Sanskrit Pronunciation: 
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This asana tones the thighs, calf and hamstring muscles. The spine and the back are also made to function properly, as the pose increases the blood supply around the lower part of the spinal region. The chest is expanded fully. The pose relieves pains in the back, invigorates the abdominal organs and strengthens the hip muscles. - BKS Iyengar, Light on Yoga
Revolved Poses help get rid of constipation, acidity and improve the blood circulation and digestion. They also rectify and correct malfunctioning of the liver, spleen and kidneys. In addition to these, they are good for stiff shoulders, hunch-back, rheumatic pains, lumbago and slipped discs. They improve the functioning of the reproductive system, malfunctioning of the ovaries, displaced uterus and other such disorders. They develop stamina, strength, flexibility, lightness, and balance. - Geeta Iyengar, Yoga a Gem for Women
Beginners Tips: 

Learn to balance having a full extension of the spinal muscles and expansion of the chest.

Learn to get the sense of balance and the rotation of the spine maintaining the alignment of the trunk with the legs.

Learn to maintain the buttock and head in one line. Do not allow the head to go past the line of the leg. In order to learn this alignment do near the wall. Keep your back to the wall. As you turn, put the top hand on the wall and bottom hand as mentioned above.

Modifications and Props : 

Use a block if you cannot reach your hand to the floor.

Take a slightly narrower stance or place a slant board under your foot if you cannot extend your outer heel to the floor.

Place your heel at the wall to stabilize the back leg.

Practice the pose with the back to the wall to learn how to keep the torso in line with the legs.

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