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Parsva Dhanurasana

English Name: 
Side Dhanurasana
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Asana Description: 

Geometry: This pose takes Dhanurasana onto the side.

Primary Actions: 

1. Pull the hands against the fronts of the ankles to lift the legs as you simultaneously pull the legs away from the hands to lift the chest.

2. Roll the top of the thigh in and the back of the thigh out as you lift the inner leg and reach up through the inner heel to lift the legs further.

3. Lengthen the tops of the buttocks towards the knees to lengthen the lower back as you balance on your abdomen.

4. Lift the arms and legs to lengthen the entire body into the shape of a bow. 

5. Lift the right leg up as you roll onto your right side. 

6. Stay on your side for a couple of breaths as you extend deeper into the backbend without the restriction of the abdomen and pelvis on the floor.

7. Gaze over your left shoulder as you roll your chest away from the shoulder that is pinned to the floor. 

8. Lift the left leg and arm as you roll back onto your abdomen and repeat on the other side. 



This pose brings flexibility to the spine and tones the abdomen. 

Beginners Tips: 

If you cannot reach your feet you can use a strap around the ankles. You can use two straps around each ankle or you can use one strap with two loops to hold each ankle. 

Modifications and Props : 
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