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mini-sequence inversion to supta virasana

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start with malasana taking 5 breaths while in the pose.

transition to bakasana then to salamba sirsana 2 hold the pose taking 5 breaths.

move the right leg by sliding the right leg with the left leg lowering forming figure number 4 and take 3 breaths.

lower both legs forming butterfly position while in sirsana. 3 breaths

lower both legs releasing salamba sirsasana 2 and transition to supta virasana. take 5 breaths.

release supta virasana with your arms and core rise up to ustrasana. take 5 breaths.

release ustrasana then lastly, take child's pose breath while releasing all tension.



this mini-sequence is good for triggering activation for the crown, third-eye, throat and heart chakras.


see attached demo video.


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