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A Scary Halloween Sequence

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Try these poses for a scary halloween sequence. Instead of the traditional names, try these names instead:

Skeleton Pose

Full Moon Pose

Zombie Pose

Rabid Dog Pose

Headless Headstand Pose

Frankenstein Pose

Swarming Locusts Pose

Dead Bug Pose

Corpse Pose

Credit: Nikolay Titov
English name: Mountain Pose
Practice type: Standing
Practice level: Beginner
The feet are together. The ankles, knees, hips and shoulders are in one line. Press into the feet to draw the thighs up.Fronts of the thighs move towards the backs of the thighs.Roll the outer shoulders ... more
Ardha Chandrasana
Bobby Clennell in Ardha Chandrasana at Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga 2010
English name: Half Moon Pose
Practice type: Standing
Practice level: Beginner
Those who find it difficult to balance can use the support of the wall. During pregnancy, keep the hand elevated on a block to keep the pelvis broadened which makes breathing easier for the mother and space is... more
Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana I
Model: Sondra Loring Photo Credit: Robert Sturman
English name: Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
Practice type: Standing
Practice level: Intermediate
One can put the belt around the foot and extend the trunk.Do not lift the shoulders or contract the neck.Do not turn the right buttock out. Keep the trunk straight.Do not lean forward.Do not turn the left foot out.Keep... more
Adho Mukha Svanasana
Model: Dawn F. Cala Nova, Ibiza, Spain
English name: Downward Facing Dog Pose
Practice type: Standing
Practice level: Beginner
Learn to stretch from the hands to the buttocks and from the heels to the buttocks. - Geeta Iyengar, Preliminary Course. Keep the feet parallel to each other and extend the toes. Move the trunk towards the legs. Take... more
Salamba Sirsasana I
Model: Sara Agelasto
English name: Supported Head Balance Pose
Practice type: Inversions
Practice level: Intermediate
Beginner's Tips from Geeta Iyengar's Preliminary Course Learn to consolidate this position by lifting the shoulders and spine as well as the legs, from the heels to the thighs, upwards towards the buttocks.... more
Credit: YogaXTC.com
English name: Staff Pose
Practice type: Seated Poses
Practice level: Beginner
Learn to Adjust the Sits bones. Move the flesh of the buttocks back and away from the sitting bones. Press knees and thighbones towards the floor to lift the waist
English name: Locust Pose
Practice type: Backbends
Practice level: Beginner
The Closer the legs are together the more difficult the pose.To relieve lower back pain, the knees are bent, shins perpendicular to the floor. The thighs are lifted from the floor and the knees and thighs brought closer... more
Pavana Muktasana
Pavana Muktasana credit: Yogadancer
English name: Wind Relieving Pose
Practice type: Forward Bends
Practice level: Beginner
Credit: Sara Agelasto
English name: Corpse Pose
Practice type: Restorative
Practice level: Beginner

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