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Love, Service, Devotion, Yoga


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Hero's Pose
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Asana Description: 

1. Kneel on the floor keeping the knees together, but keeping the feet wider than hip width apart.

2. Rest the buttocks on the floor but not the body on the feet.

3. The inner side of each calf against the outer side of each thigh.

4. Keep the toes pointing back and extended on the floor.

5. Extend the palms on the soles of the feet.

6. Gaze forward.


Relieves rheumatic pains in the knees. Relieves Gout.Creates Proper Arches in the feet.

Ideal for pain and exhaustion in the feet and Inflammation of the blood vessels. 

Recommended during the menstrual period.

Recommended for meditation and pranayama! 

This pose can be practiced immediately after a meal and will relieve heaviness in the stomach.

Modifications and Props : 

Sit on blankets or blocks if joints of the legs are immobile.


If you find it difficult to bear the weight on the ankles, turn the feet inwards as in vajrasana.

Beginners Tips: 

Find more space in the knees by drawing the flesh of the calves back and away from the knees.



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