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Love, Service, Devotion, Yoga

This community is dedicated to the teachings of Yoga Master, Vanda Scaravelli.  
Teachers all over the world, who have been inspired by Vanda, are coming together
to offer their own authentic, heart-felt insight of her teachings.
There is something for everyone, from articles and photos to watching youtube videos.
Soon, you will also find a variety of instructional Yoga videos from your favorite teachers that you can purchase.

A community forum page where we can share and discuss all things Yoga is also in progress!
This community is a place to learn, to grow, and to make new friends.

Thank you for being here and sharing your energy.  
May your practice bring you home.

Read about Vanda's approach to Yoga here.


"Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose."

Recently Added Scaravelli-inspired Teachers

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