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In Yoga, shoulder stand is known as the queen of all asanas while headstand is the king of all asanas. Thus, subtly suggesting that headstand is superior to shoulder stand

But we all know that behind every powerful king there is an even more powerful queen…J

The question remains: is headstand stand actually ‘better’ or more powerful than shoulder stand?

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AHIMSA is a a two-day festival celebrating yoga and music. AHIMSA will promote traditional and emerging yoga styles, provide beautiful music in a green setting while providing you with access to emerging conscious companies and innovations in yoga. October 4-5, 2014!

Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival

Sauca santosa tapah svadhyaya isvarapranidhanani niyamah

Cleanliness, contentment, religious zeal, self-study and surrender of the self to the supreme Self or God are the niyamas.”(II.32, iyengar)

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“In his search he discovers the three noble ways of word (jnana), work (karma), and worship (bhakti), which teach him that his inner light is the only guide leading to mastery over his own life.”
- BKS Iyengar, Light on Pranayama


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ahimsa satya asteya brahmacarya aparigrahah yamah

Non-violence, truth, abstention from stealing, continence, and absence of greed for possessions beyond one’s need are the five pillars of yama.
sutra II.30, light on the yoga sutras, bks iyengar


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Spring Session 2013

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Charitable Giving to Focus on the Philippine Islands. Introduction to Asana Series with Lois Steinberg in honor BKS Iyengar's 95th Birthday!
Typhoon Haiyan
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