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Since ages, Ayurveda has been using herbs and spices in making ayurvedic medicines but do you know why? Because of the surprising health benefits which may allure people to use them. Here are 7 health benefits of Ayurveda spices that you can incorporate.
Ayurveda remedies use a stew of herbs and spices to prepare ayurvedic medicine taught during Ayurveda Certification in India. The herbs and spices used in the preparation of ayurvedic medicine are a part of Indian, Chinese and Thai food as they have some amazing health benefits.


Let your long day be no excuse to feel week or brain drain. Working is a part of your everyday life that can’t leave you feeling tired all the time. Explore the article to learn how to get more energy naturally through yoga.

Yoga Style: 

Summary: Need reasons to start practicing yoga at home? The following article will give you evidence, as well as benefits to prove why practicing yoga at home, is beneficial.


Summary – Yoga is one of the best ways to tackle the issue of weight gain. Regular practice along with a balanced vegetarian diet can do wonders. Read on to learn more. 
The oldest and the effective way to lose weight is through Yoga. The tradition of yoga is being practiced since several years. There are several yoga exercises that not only help to strengthen, relax, and tone your muscles but also help in losing weight. If the correct and efficient moves are put together, one can easily lose weight at home.


Summary: Yoga is not about physical training, the holistic art is the manifestation of a positive body and mind. Yoga is an ancient practice and incorporating it into daily life bestows physical and mental benefits. Read to learn what all.
“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.”
- B.K.S. Iyengar
A daily hectic schedule is putting your health at stake? With yoga face the daily challenges with utmost ease without stressing it out.


Summary: Asking questions during your yoga teacher training is an important aspect. Try to ask questions to your teacher that you may find difficult to get answers to during your yoga sessions. The following article will help you prepare a list of your questions.


Yoga practice can play an extremely valuable role in health care. With the article, we know how chair yoga can improve the health and wellbeing of seniors.
The ancient practice is popular these days, and we can say yoga is for everybody. But does the concept really stand tall?

Yes, the holistic science benefits all and can be practiced by everyone, even those with knee or back issue.


Summary: Yoga Teacher Training is a life-transformative course that holds huge importance in a yogi’s life. Explore the article to know why it is important to undergo yoga training at a professional center.
What happens when you get the yoga bug? You want to learn new things, fancy poses, try complex asanas right away, and also think of doing yoga training.



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