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The bustling lifestyle does not give us time for self-care and maybe this is the reason our physical strength and mental connect is losing its essence. To revive your soul and keep your body fit and healthy, you can seek Yoga Courses in India. There are plenty of Yoga schools that offer Yoga Teacher Training in India. The birthplace of Yoga in India and maybe this is the reason India is the hub of Yogis and Yoginis.
Since the beginning, our mentors have a strong impact on our lives. Our first mentors are usually our parents and we can see how we mimic their qualities and habits, slowly making them a part of our lives. As we grow up and get into schools, our primary school teachers help shape our minds, teaching ways to absorb information from the environment and then processing it. Our upbringing and teaching help shape our futures. A good role-model will influence and encourage us to do better in life.
Yoga is a practice that has immediate physical health benefits, and if you have practiced yoga for long enough, you can attest to its mental and spiritual benefits as well. Yoga has bloomed in today’s world, and this may be the best era for yoga to bloom. This is because yoga helps mental health; practitioners experience a peace and satisfaction in their being. Peace is scarce and so is repose, the work that we do every day, takes away the time that we should spend on self-development.
Summary: Need reasons to start practicing yoga at home? The following article will give you evidence, as well as benefits to prove why practicing yoga at home, is beneficial.
In 2017 a research was conducted by the researchers of the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Health. The study was conducted on a group of students; half of them were practicing yoga at home and the other half at yoga classes. Researchers found that the group practicing yoga at home reported better well-being, body mass index, mindfulness, etc. In fact, fruits and vegetable consumption increased, slept peacefully, experienced less fatigue in comparison with the other group.
Summary: Nepal is no less than India when it comes to yoga teacher training in Nepal, adventure and even spirituality. The following article will answer all your questions about why Nepal is no less than India.
A lot of companies are involving yoga as a workout in between the office hours and observing fruitful results like better productivity, more resourcefulness, less medical bills etc. because of the reason shared in the article.
The incorporation of yoga in the workplace has been lately adopted by different companies all over the world. This has improved the morale of the employees.  There are other satisfying changes also that are observed by the company when the employees take part in regular sessions of yoga. The employees are more optimistic and productive at work and absenteeism is negligible. The expenses on health insurance of the employees are also reduced to a big extent.
If you wish to enrol for hatha yoga but unaware of its myriad of benefits; the following article has an insight into the benefits of hatha yoga.
Hatha yoga is one of the ancient forms of yoga available to us which makes it one of the most popular forms of yoga. This ancient form was designed specifically to focus on the cleansing, purification, and alignment of the body.
Confused about which yoga poses to be chosen for your beginner’s level? Here are a few shortlisted most important yoga poses for beginners. There are over 300+ yoga poses when it comes to practicing yoga. It obviously isn’t possible for anyone to start with all the poses, especially if you have started or planning to start practicing yoga. Therefore, we have shortlisted a few poses for the beginners and will tell you why you need to do it.
The spiritual link, versatility in yoga, experienced and professional yoga gurus and schools have made Rishikesh the haven for yoga and wellness enthusiasts. The following article will highlight the same. Rishikesh isn’t just a tourist place. Over the last few decades, the city has established itself as a hub for those seeking spirituality and wellness. It is now home to various yoga schools where reputed yoga gurus bestow their knowledge to yoga aspirants from different corners of the globe. Since yoga originated in India and Rishikesh has carried forward the legacy, it is also known as the ‘yoga capital of the world’.
To be an evolved practitioner and an eminent yoga teacher, you need to undergo yoga training, and all the better if it is Nepal. Explore the article and know why to do yoga teacher training in Nepal and the opportunity the country bestows. Traverse to the land that witnesses the mystical merger of nature, spirituality, and yoga, and submerge deep into this magical world created by the country of Nepal. Renowned as the meditation capital, Nepal is an ancient yogic land of yoga that bestows you a wonderful opportunity to discover ‘self’ and form a connection with your spiritual being.
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