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A challenging side plank sequence concludes this Anusara series

This video download is the twelfth and last “Yoga Today” episode, a series of Anusara yoga classes presented by the Garden of the Heart yoga studio; it is the only class in the series labeled as being for intermediate students. The practice is instructed one-on-one by Jaye Martin, who is featured alone in front of a small burbling fountain (soft snippets of piano music can also be heard playing in the background). Martin begins with a brief introduction from a seated position. Here he sets a theme for this session, the courage to be authentic, and opens the practice by chanting a single “ohm.”Marin then comes to standing to begin what he terms a “sun salute exploration.” This sequence is longer than the sun salutations featured in the prior Yoga Today classes, as Martin weaves in a few new postures, including a one-legged plank pose, a variation on intense side stretch, and the first (optional) jump forward. Following this, Martin continues with a few additional standing postures: he provides mirrored cueing for humble warrior, triangle, and half-moon pose, postures that will be familiar to anyone who has been working with the previous episodes. At this point, Martin states that he is about to begin an “exploration of Vasisthasana [side plank pose].” Thus begins a long sequence (approximately 16.5 minutes) which starts with a modified version of side plank, then moves on to two different variations of a side stretch. Next, Martin sets up at the wall for what he calls “virtual Vasisthasana,” a version of the full posture that involves holding one foot in the air while leaning into the other hand at the wall. Finally, he returns to the mat for the full version of side plank, grasping one foot high in the air.Martin moves briefly through a few finishing postures (standing forward bend, knees into chest), before coming into savasana. He provides brief instruction to set up the approximately 6-minute relaxation, but he allows you to rest quietly for the duration. He concludes the session in a seated position with a final “ohm,” bringing the total practice time in at about 55 minutes (minus the introduction). As appropriate to an intermediate level class, Martin cues the postures in both English and Sanskrit throughout. However, I would rate the extended side plank sequence, which is quite challenging, as being more appropriate for high intermediate to advanced students. Furthermore, I would caution those with any shoulder issues to take care in practicing this lengthy series of poses as presented here.

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