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Parivrtta Sthiti

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Model: Kino MacGregor Photo Credit: Coni Hörler
(with support , eg. Folded blanket between buttock and foot; against wall (LOY 307 (wrapping arms around knee-308 – arm outside thigh)– Siva explained to his consort, Parvati, the mysteries of yoga. A fish nearby listened the entire talk and remained motionless. Siva sprinkled water on the fish so he gained a divine form and became Matsyendra who thereafter spread the knowledge of Yoga.
Model: Kate Hallahan Zuckerman Credit: Ellie WIlliams, Cville
Bharadvaja was the father of Drona, the military preceptor of the Kauravas and Pandavas, who fought the great war described in the Mahabharata. 1. Sit in Dandasana.2. Bend the knees and take the shins to the right, the feet are adjacent to the hip. Do not sit on the feet. Right foot is on top of the left arch. 3. The pelvis is level. Place a blanket under the left hip if necessary to level the pelvis.
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