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Model: Elizabeth Shilling Credit: Matthew Sexton
Geometry:The four limbs of the hands and feet support the weight of the body. The body is straight, strong and steady like a staff. The hands are shoulder width and parallel. Hands in line with lower ribs.The legs are hip width and parallel. 
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Credit: Oksana Tara
Geometry: Hands Underneath Shoulders. Chest Lifted. Legs Stretched Back. Toes point straight back. And Legs straight. Arms Straight. Shoulders over wrists. Actions: Lie on the floor in a prone position. Face Downwards.
Paripurna Navasana
The torso and legs are in an upward V - shaped like a boat. The arms are stretched straight, shoulder-width and parallel to the floor. Actions:
1. Knees Bent.
2. Legs Straight.
Model: Adri Kyser
Geometry: Chest and Legs are Lifted. The feet and legs are slightly apart. The arms are stretched straight to reach the ankles. The entire body is curved like a bow and is held with the arms as if forming a string to bend the bow.First Teaching:Lie on the abdomen, roll the fronts of the thighs in, bend the knees and bring the feet towards the buttocks.Take the arms behind and catch hold of the ankles, right ankle with the right hand and left ankle with the left hand.Grip the ankles, raise the chest, knees and thighs up away from the floor.The body rests on the lower abdominal area. The ribs and thighs do not touch the floor.Lift the head and look up.
Lois Steinberg PhD in Virabhadrasana III
Geometry: While balancing on the right Leg perpendicular to the floor, the whole body is stretched straight and parallel to the floor.
Fingertips touching the wall
Fingertips on the ground
Model: Sara Agelasto Credit: Peter Agelasto
Sit in Dandasana. Lie down on your back with your legs stretched straight, arms by the sides, palms face the ground.Bend both the legs. Bring the heels towards the buttocks. Flex the legs at the hips. Bring the thighs towards the abdomen.Exhale. Raise the legs to be perpendicular to the floor. Straighten the legs. Keep the hips and sacrum on the ground.Exhale. Bend the legs. Bring the thighs toward the abdomen. Lower the feet and legs to the floor. 
Chatush Padasana by Old Moon Yoga
The back of the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms are on the floor. The torso and hips are lifted, supported by the hands. The feet are parallel and in line with the sit bones or hips.1. Lie on the floor.2. Place the heels in line with the sit bones or slightly wider. Feet are parallel.3. Take the shoulder blades down and into the back. 4. Press into the feet to lift the hips and pelvis off the floor. 5. Keep the back of the head, neck and shoulders on the floor and support the hips with the hands. Watch A Video on Chatush Padasana produced by Yoga Journal's LiveMag.
Virabhadrasana I
1. From Tadasana, inhale Arms overhead in Parsvatasana.
2. Exhale Jump the legs wide apart in to Utthita Hasta Padasana. Inhale.
3. Exhale turn to the right, simultaneously turn the right leg out 90 degrees to the right and the left foot strongly to the right. 
4. Flex the right knee until the right thigh is parallel to the floor and the right shin is perpendicular. 
5. Extend the back leg and lift the kneecap.
6. When the torso is well lifted and the elbows fully extended, gaze at the joined palms. 
Virabhadrasana II  Photo Credit: Iriartin
1. From Tadasana, Move into Uttitha Hasta Padasana, and then Parsva Hasta Padasana.
2. Keep the center of the torso vertical and the chest lifted.
3. Extend the arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Extend the elbows, wrists and fingers. 
4. Exhale. Bend the right knee. The thigh is parallel to the floor. The knee is in line with the ankle. The shin is perpendicular to the floor.
5. Turn the head to look along the outstretched arm. 
Model: Nadine Dorrington Credit: Bob Schnell Photography
To learn the pose, practice near a wall.  Practice Urdhva Hastasana to learn the arm actions in the pose.  For the first variation, the palms turn out when you place the hands a few inches away from the wall.  Press the palms firmly as you externally rotate the upper arms and move the shoulderblades into the back.
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