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Model: Rod Stryker Credit: David Martinez
in Maha Mudra, the legs are as in Janu Sirsasana, but the heel is in contact with the perineum. The arms are stretched straight as you hold onto the big toe with the forefinger, middle finger and thumb (as you do in utthita hasta padangustasana) of both hands and all 3 bandhas - mula, uddiyana and jalandara are engaged. Start in Dandasana and bend the right knee to a 90 degree angle to the left leg, placing the right heel in contact with the perineum.  Reach hands towards the big toe of the left foot and grasp the big toe with the forefinger, middle finger and thumb. Keep the arms straight as you pull on the toe of the left foot.
Parvatasana in Svastikasana by Iyengar Teacher Training Yoga Del Sur
1. Sit in Dandasana 2. Bend the right knee and take the right foot under the left thigh. 3. Bend the left knee and bring the left foot under the right thigh. 4. The shinbones cross over in line with the center of the body. Each foot is placed under the opposite thigh. 5. Sit upright, Trunk Lifted, Chest Lifted, Head Straight Parvatasana 1. Interlock the fingers, rotate the palms out, extend the arms and raise the arms above the head, upper arms in line with the ears. 2. Stretch the arms towards the ceiling.
Supta Virasana with a Partner
Geometry: This asana is a variation of Virasana and is practiced lying down.Arm Variations:
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