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Feature Your Studio

We have built this website to promote you and the work that you do. Yes, We believe in the power of yoga and community. ;)

There are so many ways to Feature Your Studio on this Site. And MOST of them are FREE! 

Oh How We LOVE YOU. Let us Count the ways...

1. Make Sure Your Studio Is Listed in Our Index. It's simple. Create a FREE Account as a person. Add Your Studio to our Directory. C'est Fini!

2. When You Add Your Studio to Our Directory, Your Studio Name is Listed on OUR homepage, until the next studio owner adds another studio. It's Random! By Chance! That's fun and exciting on its own, right? But to have your name on the front page of our website for seconds, minutes, hours, days? Wow, that's FREE advertising. 

3. We also display Newest Studio Links throughout the site,three at a time, so there's another opportunity for FREE advertising.

4. Encourage the Teachers at Your Studio to Join. Yes, this takes a little bit of encouragement and coaxing, but then these teachers add YOUR studio as the place "Where They Practice" and "Where They Teach", YOUR STUDIO shows up on their page. MORE FREE ADVERTISING. 

5. Encourage Your Teachers to Add THEIR classes at YOUR STUDIO. These classes show up daily throughout our site AND help people who are on your studio directory page see what classes you offer and who teaches at your studio. Having access to this information, may mean the difference between whether someone plans to visit your studio or not.

6. Sponsor an Asana! You have the opportunity to create a page which shows all of the important information about a particular yoga pose. We are creating the first ever Yoga Asana Index! We are Yogi-Sourcing the whole thing. We want to have the most comprehensive information about the Asanas. 

Does this sound like too much work and you would rather just go the traditional route and pay for advertising space? Get Featured placement on our site. Contact Us for More Information!

What are you waiting for? Create Your FREE iHanuman Account and ADD YOUR Studio today!

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