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Cora Wen on the Metal Element of Autumn

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Cora Wen in Pascimottanasana

Filmed Live during a workshop in Leesburg, Virginia on October 2, 2011, Cora Wen shares her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This weekend started out hot and humid and ended up cold and freezing rain, typical of a late fall weekend in northern Virginia and exemplary of the shifting mood of the Metal Element. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga are amongst some of the oldest healing practices in the world and date back somewhere around 5000 years ago. TCM, rooted in Taoism has a very poetic philosophy to describe the seasons of the year and their effects on the macrocosm and the microcosm, including the tendencies and challenges we face in our yoga practice and in our daily lives during this season of the year. Some associated characteristics of the Season of Autumn are that the element is Metal, the color is White, the organs are Lungs and Large Intestine and the emotion is grief. 

Watch a Video of Cora Wen explaining the Metal Element and Download the full workshop recordings in Our Download Store.

Cora Wen Teaches about the Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine before a workshop in Virginia.

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