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Interview with Bo Lozoff

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Bo Lozoff

Bo Lozoff started the Prison Ashram Project with Ram Dass in 1973, which has grown into the largest interfaith prison ministry in the world. Bo'™s book, We'™re All Doing Time, now in its 17th printing, is widely referred to as œthe convicts' bible and was named by Village Voice as œone of the ten books everyone in the world should read.For over 30 years Bo has traveled around the world giving talks in thousands of prisons, churches, and community centers. His many roles include author, spiritual teacher, friend, counselor, musician, and modern day mystic. In this interview Bo talks about the catalysts in his spiritual journey, the history of the Prison Ashram Project, a critique of today's spiritual market place, and dying into service. For more information on the work of Bo, his wife Sita, and the Human Kindness Foundation, please visit

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