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John Schumacher on Practice

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John Schumacher in Parsvaikapada Sirsasana

The holidays and end of the year inventory can be a particularly difficult time for many people for many reasons, not least of which is the stress which it tends to bring. In the spirit of the holidays, iHanuman would like to offer you a few end of the year gifts in hopes of reducing your stress levels.

First, a sequence of asanas taught in the Iyengar Tradition in honor of Mr. Iyengar's 90th birthday celebration being held this week in Pune, India. For twelve days in a row we will post a new asana.

An opportunity to practice with one of the world's most senior Iyengar Teachers, John Schumacher. Enjoy!

Second, one of John's quarterly discussions held at his Iyengar Studio, Unity Woods. This free talk discusses what may be the most important topic in any yoga discussion, Practice. John reminds us that even when times are stressful and busier than usual, "If we practice just one pose a day, we have a yoga practice." If you can commit to practicing one pose a day, you have begun your daily yoga practice. What a wonderful new year's resolution! Start with the standing poses and inversions John has offered. Do one or do them all! Thanks John!

Senior Iyengar Teacher John Schumacher Breaks Down 12 Asanas

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