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Prenatal Yoga with Jen Fleisher

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Prenatal Belly

This iHanuman Special Feature is a conversation on Prenatal Yoga with Jen Fleisher. Jen is the Co-Director of the Charlottesville Yoga School in Virginia and teaches Mysore, Prenatal, and Community Classes in the Charlottesville area. She is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner under the primary tutelage of Lino Miele, as well as annual workshops with notable teachers, Tim Miller and Kino MacGregor. While earning her teaching certification at Yoga Source in Richmond, she fell in love with Prenatal Yoga and did her Prenatal Certification and training with Leslie Lytle at OmMama. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Jen is also a graphic designer, professional musician, wife, and mother.

This engaging and lively conversation focuses on the subject of yoga during pregnancy. Jen shares how her pregnancy affected her personal practice, continues to influence her work with other pregnant women, and offers general guidelines for practicing yoga during this special time. If you enjoy this talk, please check out Jen'™s Prenatal Yoga audio class available in the iHanuman Digital Download Store!



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