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Yoga Class Dedicated to Hanuman with Cynthia Woodring

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Cynthia Woodring, RYT 500

Hanuman is the monkey god most renowned for his service, strength and devotion. His story is told as part of the Hindu Mythological Epic, The Ramayana. This week, we would like to offer a free audio download of a yoga class dedicated to Hanuman, called Hanumanasana.

Cynthia Woodring is a hatha yoga teacher living outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. She generously allowed iHanuman to record her hour and a half class September 17, 2006 at Studio 206 in downtown Charlottesville. Cynthia has studied Hindu mythology in addition to her study of yoga over the past 15 years, and in this class she beautifully interweaves the story of Hanuman, culminating in the pose dedicated to him: Hanumanasana. The full pose, Hanumanasana, is quite a challenging pose, but Cynthia takes you gently into the full pose through several hip openers and hamstring lengtheners before asking you to try the full pose. So find a quiet space on the floor with your yoga mat and a few blankets. Do what you can or just enjoy listening to the story. Jai Hanuman !

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