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A focused class which will allow you to reap the benefits from profound twists

This video download is the ninth “Yoga Today” episode, a series of twelve Anusara yoga classes presented by Betsey Downing’s Garden of the Heart yoga studio. Downing instructs the session one-on-one in small studio; there is a burbling fountain behind her, which mostly drowns out the faint strains of background music. In her brief introduction, Downing notes that the theme of this routine is a life-affirming philosophy of Anusara, looking for the good. She goes on to talk about the connection between appreciation and happiness, and she weaves this theme throughout the asana practice. During the class, Downing mainly uses English names for the postures, although she occasionally mentions the Sanskrit terminology, and she mirror cues the standing poses.Downing starts briefly in a seated position, chanting a single “ohm.” Coming to standing, she performs a series of sun breaths and a standing twist before returning to the floor for down dog, crazy dog, and a simple seated twist. She then incorporates these twisting moves into four rounds of sun salutations, building into each round: the first includes a moving cobra variation, the second a high lunge, the third a hamstring stretch and revolved prayer lunge, and finally, she adds side angle and triangle poses to the last round. Next, Downing moves on to opening the shoulders with cow-face arms, showing the option of using a strap. This is to prepare for reverse namaste/full pyramid pose with hands in reverse namaste. At this point, Downing begins several variations of the pinnacle pose for this class, revolved triangle. She calls the first of these variations an “easy” version, as the legs remain hip width apart. (Note: for this posture as well as the final pose in this series, Downing does attempt to mirror-cue as noted above. However, because she turns away from the viewer before she begins—i.e., meaning that she is actually facing in the same direction as the viewer—her cueing winds up being incorrect, and thus rather confusing, here.) The second variation is full revolved triangle, but it is performed with the back foot placed against the wall for greater stability (using a block is also an option). Finally, the full posture is practiced in the middle of the room.Following the revolved triangle series, Downing winds down the practice with child’s pose and legs up the wall (performed for 2 minutes). Downing then spends just a few minutes setting up savasana, allowing a total of approximately six minutes for relaxation while soft, woodwind-type music plays in the background. Coming back to seated, Downing concludes the session with a final “ohm,” bringing the total practice time (minus the introduction) in at about 53 minutes. This focused class will definitely assist those wanting to master the challenging pinnacle pose of revolved triangle; even for those unable to attain the full version of the posture, the preparatory twists are likely to feel wonderfully rewarding.

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