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An intermediate level class offering challenging revolved postures

This video download is the eleventh “Yoga Today” episode, a series of twelve total Anusara yoga classes presented by Betsey Downing’s Garden of the Heart yoga studio. Downing instructs the session one-on-one in small studio; there is a burbling fountain behind her, which mostly drowns out the faint strains of background music. Beginning the class in a seated position, Downing introduces the theme for this session, “bloom where you are planted.” She starts to incorporate this theme immediately by asking the viewer to take a conscious, appropriate seated posture; she continues to integrate this theme throughout the class by repeatedly interpreting this concept to mean “do your best.”After chanting a single “ohm,” Downing comes to standing, where her opening postures include sun breaths and down dog. She then performs several rounds of sun salutes. As she advances through these series, Downing adds deeper standing backbends and incorporates additional standing postures, including side angle, triangle, and a triangle variation. She then cues cow-face arms to open the shoulders before moving into pyramid pose (with optional hands in reverse namaste) and revolved triangle. At this point, Downing states that she is going to change things up a bit. Coming to all fours (after a brief rest in child’s pose), she performs a kneeling version of dancer’s pose. Standing dancer’s is the obvious next posture in this sequence, which itself is a preparatory posture for the pose which follows, revolved half moon. The final standing posture is the pinnacle pose of this practice, revolved sugar cane pose. Returning to the floor, Downing briefly stretches each knee to the chest in turn before moving into savasana. She sets up this rest only very briefly, allowing approximately seven minutes for quiet relaxation and then concluding this practice—which comes in at about 58 minutes total—in a seated position with a final “ohm.”During this session, Downing offers mirrored cuing, sometimes suggesting that the viewer turn and face away from the TV to begin for the revolved poses. When she does give names for the postures, she uses both English and Sanskrit terms, but I found that most of the time, she simply described the postures without naming them. The only issue I had with this practice was regarding its being labeled for “Experienced Beginners.” Although there are no arm balances or inversions included, the revolved postures offered here are certainly quite challenging, and thus I think this class would be most appropriate for the intermediate student.

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