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Are you scared of the idea of hitting the gym? Does the thought of a hard-core workout scare you? If yes, then why not try yoga and get all the benefits that a regular workout offers. Read on to learn more as to why you should go for yoga instead of a regular workout. 

This is probably one of those topics that have a religious fan base at both the ends that we discuss about in this article. Well, all that can be said is that, it depends on your personal preference and body expectations…you are free to choose what is most befitting your goals in life.
I will choose to reiterate why yoga maybe a much more feasible option when it comes to keeping the body fit irrespective of age, disabilities or restrictions.
One of the most famous reasons being - one may go to the gym merely to increase the bulk and stamina of their body for personal reasons, but yoga may have a more wholesome approach to body fitness as it slowly yet consistently stretches the muscles activating the energy channels of the body. Using weights and treadmills can come as a sudden and...

posted: 4 years 7 months ago
posted: 4/16/19
A lot of companies are involving yoga as a workout in between the office hours and observing fruitful results like better productivity, more resourcefulness, less medical bills etc. because of the reason shared in the article. The incorporation of yoga in the workplace has been lately adopted by different companies all over the world. This has improved the morale of the employees.  There are other satisfying changes also that are observed by the company when the employees take part in regular sessions of yoga. The employees are more optimistic and productive at work and absenteeism is...

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