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How Yoga Improves Morale in the Workplace

A lot of companies are involving yoga as a workout in between the office hours and observing fruitful results like better productivity, more resourcefulness, less medical bills etc. because of the reason shared in the article.
The incorporation of yoga in the workplace has been lately adopted by different companies all over the world. This has improved the morale of the employees.  There are other satisfying changes also that are observed by the company when the employees take part in regular sessions of yoga. The employees are more optimistic and productive at work and absenteeism is negligible. The expenses on health insurance of the employees are also reduced to a big extent.
If the employees are actively interested in work, takes less medical leaves etc. all this adds to the overall productivity of the organization.
There are many companies that have incorporated yoga in their daily routine and have seen tremendous changes in their workplace environment. It isn’t only beneficial for the development of employees but also for the management.
You may want to consider following reasons to find out:
• Takes the stress off one’s mind
When you are burdened at work; deadlines, important meetings, targets etc. are a doorway to stress. All this leads to poor productivity along with mental and emotional stress. This may hamper the overall productivity of the company like reduced resourcefulness, absenteeism, medical bills etc.
A 20-30 minutes session of yoga in the corporate hours will bring peace and calmness to the mind. It will also help them overcome the negativity of the mind. Practicing yoga eventually takes stress off one’s mind. 
• Enhances creativity
If you are stuck at something for long and still haven’t been able to find a solution, it means your thoughts are blocked and it’s time for a break or a change. Now, in a corporate environment it isn’t really possible to go for a break every now and then. You will have to follow the rules. This may have a negative effect on your morale or even on health.
A few minutes of yoga and pranayama is quite effective in bringing back the calm and rejuvenate the body and the mind. Meditation and pranayama will provide your body and mind the necessary shift from tension. It removes all the blockages and negativity from your mind for inflow of thoughts and newer ideas. Eventually, enhances your creativity and improves resourcefulness.
• Increases concentration
In the race to be the best at work and outshine everyone else, we tend to overload ourselves with it. With a bagful of pressure to work hard and stress always in the company, we end up losing our focus and concentration. This ultimately affects productivity at work and hence, the morale. In order to escape, people indulge themselves in other unhealthy habits like smoking or may be drinking.
Whereas, yoga break would be much more effective as compared to a smoking break. Meditating on a regular basis will allow mindfulness which will increase concentration and focus. Yoga asanas will activate the chakras of your body which channelize the amount of energy in the right direction.
• Relieves body pains
A workplace may require a person to stand or sit for a long period of time which in turn affects your health in many ways. Later on, it may force him/her to take leaves; in severe cases medical bills may get involved.
To avoid such situations, involving yoga exercises will turn out to be a better option. People can get relief from their body aches, repetitive strain and work load. This will help them focus on their work.
• Boosts morale
From the perspective of an employee, reasons above fill you up with negativity, makes you low on productivity and over a period of time lowers your morale. The moment you see the morale of an employee breaking up; it is time you give them a break. But what if the break isn’t utilized well?
Participating in yoga sessions each day will be more like a break from the regular schedule. Regular sessions of yoga and pranayama help employees not only with to work with concentration and enthusiasm but improves their health in a myriad ways.
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