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Why should one prefer yoga rather than the gym?

Are you scared of the idea of hitting the gym? Does the thought of a hard-core workout scare you? If yes, then why not try yoga and get all the benefits that a regular workout offers. Read on to learn more as to why you should go for yoga instead of a regular workout. 

This is probably one of those topics that have a religious fan base at both the ends that we discuss about in this article. Well, all that can be said is that, it depends on your personal preference and body expectations…you are free to choose what is most befitting your goals in life.
I will choose to reiterate why yoga maybe a much more feasible option when it comes to keeping the body fit irrespective of age, disabilities or restrictions.
One of the most famous reasons being - one may go to the gym merely to increase the bulk and stamina of their body for personal reasons, but yoga may have a more wholesome approach to body fitness as it slowly yet consistently stretches the muscles activating the energy channels of the body. Using weights and treadmills can come as a sudden and unexpected surprise to the body. Once you start using them it leaves the body with intense pain and soreness and unwanted injuries.
While you practice yoga you realize that the flexibility that yoga delivers, keeps the muscles and joints lubricated and in good health. Yoga slowly heals and fixes affected areas and the energy loopholes of the body.
Here are 6 reasons why yoga is a better option to hitting the gym and the most reliably so...

1. Yoga benefits whole body internally and externally
There is a lot of folding that leads to a lot of twisting and stretching. Yoga helps improve the internal organs that come under the Digestive system, the lymph system and similar systems working in the body. A rigorous gym workout session is focused solely on strengthening the muscles and the cardio primarily.  The best way to provide your body with a full detox is by practicing yoga as it leads to a finer cardiovascular system; all of this, along with the development of strong muscles.

2. Yoga is more efficient
Yoga is self reliance, focused on your entire body along with the environment for strength. When you perform various asanas your entire body head towards getting toned and stronger consistently. Gym classes often have to deal with using weights and other heavy equipments that leave the muscles tensed, isolated and heavily worked off.  If you practice yoga daily rather than hitting the gym, which is when you realize the order in which you share your energies individually to specific parts.

3. Yoga helps breathe easier 
Without deep breathes, it’s more difficult to think clearly as stress and fatigue can set in. Yoga focuses on breath (the one element that combines rather brings together the three realms in which a human being exists, namely the physical bodily realm, the mind and the spirit realm in which the soul exists).

4. Everyone can practice yoga
Yoga is an all inclusive lifestyle. It does not discriminate your age, health, shape, size, abilities, disabilities; you can introduce yoga in your life at any given point of time. Yoga is known to be very effective with people who have health issues, everything in between Parkinson’s to cancer. Gym workouts are exclusive lifestyle choices that are not designed to be therapeutic for a lot of people including senior citizens.

5. Yoga is kinder to the body
Yoga is kinder to the body not in the sense that it is not intense, to practice. It is just that yoga works with a wholesome approach by slowly building heat and working your muscle. In this process you are allowing your body to find its natural rhythm and not attempting on lifting weights and pounds that can cause surprise injuries to the joints and ligaments. A good yoga practice will warm you up for the next asana.

6. It saves money
Now to be honest, yoga costs nothing, it requires your body to be present. You can wear any clothes that allow free movement and you don’t even need a mat if you have a grass or even a carpet to lie down on. Most gyms require a membership that can burn a hole in your pocket whereas yoga can be practiced alone or in affordable yoga studios (FOR REFERENCES there are a lot of yoga classes in Delhi and Gurgaon where you can learn the art of yoga under the guidance of esteemed yoga gurus. Yoga teacher training in Gurgaon has seen a recent boom in participants because it delivers convenience and sustainability).
In yoga you learn to unite your body, mind and soul. This improves your general alertness towards internal as well as external elements and moreover to have control over your actions. It shows you various ways and postures in which you learn to feel comfortable and breathe. Yoga allows you to pay attention to how your body is feeling at all times, so you find your natural rhythm in the process of getting comfortable and the result? An injury-free, rejuvenated and a wholesome you!
The outside distractions turn off as you focus on breathing correctly.  While you can try and do this at the gym, the peace and silence is not exactly encouraged with loud music and other distractions around you.

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