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Age is a Work of Art

This past summer I turned 60 years old, a milestone age, I feel. Ten years ago, when I turned 50 a friend gave me a button that said,
"Youth is a Gift of Nature;
Age is a Work of Art".
I still have the button on my bulletin board as a reminder of that bit of wisdom. Since we are all getting older it's something worth considering. As we move along in years, I think the pertinent question to ask ourselves, is not how many years have we lived, but what are we making of our lives? And how can we make our lives a work of art? How can we turn our lives into a masterpiece?
When I think about this question, three considerations come to mind. The first is to choose to spend as much time as possible doing what we love. Whether it is gardening, reading, being in nature, time with family, or other hobbies, spending as much time as we can doing what we love is a way to create the life we want. A corollary to this is to actively appreciate what we already have, developing an "attitude of gratitude", daily acknowledging all the wonderful aspects of our lives. Doing what we love and loving what we do definitely puts a song in our heart.
The second consideration is to remember that we are part of something bigger. We can connect with that bigger energy of Spirit by slowing down and savoring as many of our experiences as possible. Living fully in the moment magically transforms more moments into sacred experiences, in which we feel the connection with something larger than our individual self. It reminds us that life is a precious and priceless gift. As we do this and step into the currents of Grace, the flow of Universal Consciousness, we have more experiences of serendipity and synchronicity, bringing harmony into our lives.
The third consideration is to fully appreciate the community and support systems we have. Each of us has a personal network of family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, and sometimes we forget to appreciate how much love and support they offer us. We also have our spiritual community, our kula or community of hearts, as we call it in Anusara. This is our chosen spiritual community of like-minded folks with whom we resonate, often on a very deep level. Remembering we can draw on this network when we need a little strengthening and encouragement will nurture our spirit.
Integrating these reflections regularly into our day creates our own life as a unique work of art. What a wonderful way to honor the value of your life and turn it into a masterpiece!


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