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My major feeling about Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3 pose) used to be relief when it was over! Recently I have been exploring poses I haven't previously enjoyed and Warrior 3 made the list! Its particular combination of strength, flexibility, and balance are difficult to master with grace and ease. I have discovered that this pose is transformed by my choice of focus. Instead of just trying to stay up (and endure the pose till it is over!), I can direct my energy on lengthening from my low belly in two directions: out through my legs all the way to my toes and from my low belly forward through my torso, arms, and into my fingertips. That directed energy produces a tremendous increase in power, and makes the pose more accessible and fun!
It reminds me of the demonstration I've seen when someone holds their arm out parallel to the floor and a friend tries to press it down. Usually it takes a few seconds at moderate pressure. Then the exercise is repeated and the instruction is given to extend energy out through the arm, into the fingertips and beyond. The arm is now significantly stronger, and it takes a much greater effort to press it down. There is now a direction, a flow of energy, and a purpose.
I've always been fascinated by the power of vision and purpose. What I find most intriguing is that the "vision" is not true initially. However, belief in the vision creates new thought patterns that ultimately transform it into reality. The vision is an intention that gets energy flowing toward a purpose. I feel that is what happened with the yoga center. I opened Garden of the Heart Yoga in January 2003 in order to create a sacred space for students to practice. I kept focused on this desire and gradually the most wonderful community of yogis, both students and teachers, came into being! It all started with a vision.
In yoga terms this is called Matrika Shakti, the inherent power of consciousness contained in the letters of the alphabet. The literal translation of this term is "little mothers". We give birth to our experiences, we create our lives, by the words, ideas, and concepts we choose to think about: we become what we dwell upon. If we dwell on problems, we get more problems. If we focus on the negative things happening in the world, we become fearful. If we think about what we don't like in others, we find ourselves surrounded by people we don't care for. On the other hand, if we instead look for the best in people, we find ourselves with many delightful friends. If we think about what we appreciate, and what we are grateful for, we find more of that coming into our lives. If we think about what we love, we see more to love, and attract more loving people to us.
So, what will it be for you? You are free to choose your thoughts. Your thoughts create mental patterns which create your energy flow, which draws more of what you think about to you. "Envision" yourself as more than you currently perceive yourself to be ... and you can grow into that vision. Dare to envision your greatness! And have the most Happy of all New Years.


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