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Living with Virtuosity

The Tantric Philosophy that underlies Anusara Yoga is a philosophy of intrinsic Goodness. The absolute essence of everything is Supreme Consciousness that pulsates with pure Goodness. Out of its infinite freedom, Supreme Consciousness chooses to limit itself by becoming embodied as the material universe in order that it may enjoy the experience of diversity.
Living amidst this splendid diversity requires us to continually make choices. Yoga gives us a framework within which we can make choices that, taken together, embody our value system and express our unique manifestation of spirit. As Professor Douglas Brooks puts it, "Yoga is living with virtuosity!" Life is a magnificent gift of the Divine and it is our responsibility to make the best choices we can, within our limited powers of discernment, to align with the Good.
Recently my priorities have shifted. Several months ago I was appointed by Anusara Founder John Friend to serve as co-chair of the Anusara Yoga Certification Committee. As some of you may know, Anusara certification requirements are among the most extensive and most demanding of any in the yoga community. In my new role, I consult with and advise the certified teacher assessors around the country and the world as they evaluate candidates for certification. I am also mentoring potential teachers who are preparing for certification. I am honored to be permitted to serve the community in this way and it is a service that I cherish. More than 30 years of teaching weekly yoga classes has given me a wealth of experience to bring to the certification process that may be beneficial to assessors and candidates alike.
The demands of my new responsibilities together with the time required for traveling the country offering weekend workshops and trainings has brought me to the point of making an important decision. I have decided to step down from my weekly yoga classes at GOH. I will miss my students! However I will maintain a connection with our wonderful kula (community of hearts) by being at GOH regularly and continuing to teach immersions, teacher trainings, and workshops.
Nancy will take over the Yoga 1 class on Tuesdays at 5:30pm, and Rita, Nancy, Kate, and I will take rotating turns teaching the Tuesday Yoga 4 class at 7:15pm. Each of these teachers has her own unique style and is a special flower in the garden of yoga (and in the Garden of the Heart Yoga Center), and each blossoms with her own unique fragrance and beauty.
I look forward to our continued relationship in the kula as we cultivate our individual flower-ness and live with virtuosity!

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