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The Magic Of Discipline

Discipline is one of those qualities that many of us wish we had more of! In fact, a study several years ago listed lack of discipline as one of the most common regrets as people looked back on their lives. My favorite definition is framed on the wall in the yoga center and in my office: Discipline is remembering what you want. This definition established discipline from the inside out, so it's an inspiration rather than a control imposed from the outside in.
When I remember what it is I want out of life and how I want to feel on a daily basis, it is easy for me to see that a regular yoga practice makes an enormous contribution. I especially feel that way now that I am no longer a "spring chicken" and notice the aging process takes its toll on people who do not take care of themselves. Attending yoga class is a great first step toward living with intention. There is tremendous value in regular attendance. The instructor reminds you of nuances of poses that increase awareness and concentration. A trained instructor observing poses keeps students from falling back into their typical patterns of misalignment.
However, I don't consider that someone "practices yoga" until they have a home practice. A home practice signals an enormous shift in consciousness and a transition to a status of yogi or yogini. In doing a home practice, the poses become your own, not just your teacher's list of instructions. A combination of attending class and doing a home practice is the ideal way to develop on the yogic path toward an intentional life, to deepen your understanding of yoga, and to reap the full benefits that yoga has to offer.
Establishing a home practice involves 2 things: first, setting time aside in an already busy life to do yoga, and second, knowing what to do when you come to your mat. In the spring session we begin our offerings of workshops to inspire students in their further study of yoga, and in their home practice. Books and CDs are also a great way to get more instruction, and we provide handouts every two weeks as a reminder of the major poses we did in class. I have found that for most students the practice gets much easier over time!! In fact, a home yoga practice becomes a treasured part of one's life.
The discipline of yoga is about so much more than just touching your toes! It is also about increasing your awareness of how your body moves, and where your limits are. It's about challenging yourself appropriately and in that process expanding your potential. It's about learning to listen to your inner guidance, both on and off the yoga mat. All this is tremendously enhanced by a home practice. Yoga is a process that brings you home to yourself, and also expands your awareness of who you are! Come join us for a class or a workshop for the adventure of your life!

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