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Philisophical Perspectives

See God in yourself and see God in others". When I heard this from meditation teacher Swami Muktananda in the 70's it was a revolutionary concept to me. However, something deep inside resonated with this teaching and I felt especially uplifted. It felt like a way to connect with the best in myself and with the best in others.
It was not until I found Anusara Yoga many years later that I felt the same profound spiritual nurturing in yoga classes that I had found in meditation. It was like coming home to a way of looking at the world and myself that connected my body and mind with my spirit and heart. It was no wonder that I was feeling the same spiritual qualities, since both Muktananda's meditation teaching and Anusara Yoga are based on the same philosophical system of Tantric philosophy. Tantra is a philosophy of intrinsic goodness. It takes the premise that everything in this world is an embodiment of Supreme Consciousness, which at its essence pulsates with goodness and the highest bliss. Therefore, each person is an expression of the basic energy of the Universe. Each life is a self-discovery of our true spiritual identity, and this journey of discovery is to be celebrated! The body is honored as the vehicle for our spiritual exploration. We can create our own heaven on earth by connecting with this spiritual essence and goodness in ourselves and others.
I feel so inspired by this perspective on yoga! It encourages me to connect with my best and true Self under the layers. I find myself adopting a different attitude in yoga practice -- to be a more full and joyful expression of the spiritual energy at the core of my being.
Anusara Yoga is not just about touching our toes. It is about connecting with the best in ourselves and from that place connecting with the best in other people. When we look for the good, for what we like, for what we appreciate and find beautiful, we find it more often, and as our energy changes, daily life becomes magnificent. I have seen lasting changes in my perspectives, understanding, and wisdom. For me the result is that the fabric of my life is richer and more enjoyable!
At the end of each yoga class we say "Namasté" to honor that Spirit in each other. It's saying that my deepest Self acknowledges and honors your deepest Self. All of us at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center honor your spiritual essence and greatness. We want to do everything we can to empower you on your spiritual journey of discovery.
So in this Holiday Season consider opening your heart to see the heart of others. Extend the concept of Namasté to everyone you come into contact with, with an intention to touch their goodness. It is a wonderful revelation that you can direct your energy to someone's heart whether they are in their heart at that time or not. How empowering! By holding a higher vision for the other person, your heart also gets opened. You are showered with love and goodwill by the process of looking for the best in others. What a great way to start the Holiday Season!
Wishing you a most warm and heartfelt season.
P.S. If this philosophy intrigues you and you would like to learn more, consider attending the January Immersion with guest presenter, Dr. Douglas Brooks, from the University of Rochester, a leading scholar in this Tantric philosophy.

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