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10 Things to Do After Yoga Teacher Training

If you are confused about what should be your next step after completing your yoga teacher training course, here is the list of a few things you need to take care of first.
Yoga teacher training is a necessity for yogis that make them move in the direction of their true aims, be it for bettering personal practice or ambition to become a yoga teacher. The focus of this training session is to introduce the students to the philosophy of yoga, practices and the yogic system. If you are planning to enroll for yoga teacher training you should have a plan for the next step too.
Following are things you need to take care of when you are about to complete your training programme or have already completed it.

1. Get a separate folder for your certifications: While you are through with your first yoga teacher training and there are more to come. You should keep a track of all your documents including your certificates, special accolades, etc. in a folder. 

2. Get yourself registered as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance: A yoga school that is registered with Yoga Alliance is preferred over other yoga schools. Hence, it is advisable to register yourself as a yoga teacher on the Yoga Alliance website by attaching your graduation certificates.

3. Procure liability insurance: Though it’s rare that you get to hear about accident happened while practicing yoga but it is always better to take precautions. Besides, when you will be applying for a job, you will be asked to provide a copy of liability insurance along with other documentation. Getting liability insurance will be beneficial for you anyway.

4. Draft a yoga teacher training resume: Whenever a fresher applies for a job, a resume is must. Similarly, you need a resume too that must have a brief about your yoga teacher training and experience. The experience that you gain later on need to be updated accordingly in your resume.

5. Determine a minimum rate: Once you get a certification, you should keep your options for a job or private yoga sessions. Even then, determining a minimum rate for your yoga training sessions is never going to harm. Obviously, as your experience will grow so shall the rate for the sessions. In spite of that, you must choose whatever options come your way once you complete your training course.

6. Assist at yoga studios or yoga instructor: After a certification course, it is very important that you have classroom experience. Try to connect with yoga studios in your area or yoga instructors and ask them if they need assistance. You may not get paid but it will give you good exposure to the classroom experience. Moreover, if you try and be consistent in your assistance they may offer you something or may help you in promoting yourself. You may offer assistance at various training schools in India.

7. Think of a marketing strategy: After the completion of the yoga teacher training program, it is time for you to concentrate on your marketing strategy. Becoming a successful yoga teacher in Rishikesh or for that matter, in any part of the world isn’t that easy. You have start slowly and build your reputation steadily. The marketing strategy will be incomplete without business cards and social media.

8. Be socially active for professional contacts: Once you are through with your training it is equally important that you keep yourself active by creating professional contacts. It will be simple and helpful for you to have professional contacts. These contacts may help you in various verticals; may be marketing yourself, help you with classroom experience or may ask you to assist them etc.

9. Run for a niche: Since yoga is diverse in itself. It is complicated and too early for you to gain mastery in everything. Therefore, try to master over a type of yoga. Learn more and more about the same so that it easier for you to preach in your training session.

10. Never discontinue your practice: Yoga is a lifelong experience and a good yoga teacher is the one who himself/herself believes in learning. If you won't learn new things and attain mastery in the same, your students will learn the same from you. Make sure you set an example of a good student too in front of your students.
The better you will plan for yourself in the beginning, the more fruitful it is going to be in the end. In fact, if you are providing assistance at various places, start introducing yourself as a yoga instructor. Say, Yoga instructor in Rishikesh, Nepal, Thailand etc. It has an impact on others.


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