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Yoga Tips That Makes Trekking More Memorable

To make your trekking experience memorable you need to ease your body from fatigue and tiredness. This high impact physical routine challenges every inch of your muscles. Whether you are a professional trekker or an amateur, everyone has to go through this crunch. But the good news is you can soothe yourself from the effects. All you have to do is practice yoga.

Trekking in India, trekking in Nepal or anywhere in the world yoga is the best and inexpensive course of action. Practicing yoga not only helps your body to relax and regain strength but will also help you prepare yourself for the trek. But that is not all; let’s see how yoga makes your trekking experience more memorable:

Upgrades the lung capacity: If you are trekking in Nepal in the midst of the Himalayas or some other place with uneven terrain and mountains, you will soon be out of breath. The breathing techniques in yoga help you master your breath, bring your breathing and actions in sync and eventually upgrade the lung capacity. It also tutors your mind to stay peaceful in every situation.
Reduces the risk of heart diseases: Trekking is an intense workout that increases the heartbeat. If you haven’t prepared your heart, a sudden increase may shock the heart. This may lead to the risk of heart diseases and may even cause cardiac arrest. Therefore, practicing yoga will not only help you manage the heartbeat during the trek but also make your heart healthy. This results in reduced risk of heart diseases.
Enhances flexibility: A stiff body is prone to injuries which may cause some serious damage in the future. Yoga can help you avoid the same. The distinct yoga poses helps in opening and stretching the body which enhances flexibility. This helps the knees, legs, joints or the body to combat jerks during challenging treks.
Builds strength: It’s obvious that you will carry a backpack for the trek. A well-packed backpack is quite heavy; therefore, you need to have enough strength to carry it throughout the trek. In spite of costly gym routines, you may opt for yoga which will help you build muscles as well as strength in the body using your body weight. It will help you build strength in the entire body.
Develops endurance: It is easy to complete a trek that has an easy or moderate difficulty level. But someday you will be going for trekking in India which comprises of difficult routes. To complete those long treks you need the endurance. Practicing yoga poses requires holding up the pose which helps you develop endurance. 
Decreases the rate of getting injured: With regular practice of yoga you build strength, flexibility, endurance, muscles, etc. All these eventually engage every weak or strong muscle, tendons, and tissues in the body and eventually make them stronger. This results in a decreased rate of getting injured especially when you are trekking in Ladakh or any part of the world.
Corrects the body posture: Demanding work schedule often messes up with the spine and makes you slouch. Trekking with a slouching spine may cause serious back injuries or may hinder your health and dream to trek beautiful places. To avoid the same, engage yourself into yoga as it corrects your overall body posture and helps you trek easily

Apart from these physical benefits, yoga also improves mental health. It keeps you calm, destresses you, brings awareness in the body, prepares your mind to handle challenges, etc.
Hence, start practicing yoga at least a month before you plan your next trek and experience the difference yourself.

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