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Healing Moves Yoga CD

In response to my students requests for help in establishing a home practice, I have just released a new CD called Healing Moves Yoga. The 72-minute practice is divided into five sections, so you can do just one section, two, three, four or all five, depending on your time. Two sections are completely restorative: Centering and Breathing (12:24 minutes) Relaxation (13:37 minutes) a guided head-to-toe tension reliever. Three sections synchronize movement with the breath: Warm Ups (17:09 minutes) a whole-body stretch, plus some strengthening postures Standing Poses (15:37) Strength and balance postures with some stretching Lying Down Poses (13:04) Back-strengthening and stretching postures You can purchase a digital download here, at the download page. You can also purchase the CD from my website, www.healingmoves.com, or at CD Baby, www.CDbaby.com -- search for Krucoff -- can get a 40% discount for purchasing multiple copies.


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