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Aparigraha – Non-Hoarding

Aparigraha is the non acceptance of that which is not required for the maintenance of the body, and items that are considered luxurious and oftentimes binding due to the strings attached by he giver. The Sadhaka must be simple. Do not keep things that you do not need, and never take from life more than is needed for simple living. Lose any desire to have what belongs to others. Be always content and satisfied with whatever you have. Have Supreme faith in God.
Greed is born from desires from the past and is one of the three gateways to suffering, to the ruin of the self. Unnecessary possessions create attachment and bring pain and misery. Whatever you are holding that you do not need is a form of hoarding. Share. Cultivate freedom from greed of any kind. Eventually, the mind should be empty to if you wish to enter the state of samadhi.
The Sadhaka must avoid the acceptance of gifts from worldly minded people. There are often strings attached, as well as the vibration of the giver and potential obligation. Anonymous gifts are the best—giving without strings. Aparigraha for a Yogi also means living independently from the support of any others. The Yogi should work for what they receive.
If you have faith, everything will be provided for you at the right time and in the right place. Be fearless. Remember charity is not only financial. Love is far more important than money. If you have spiritual knowledge, share with others who are in need and with those who wish to have it—those who are receptive. Give, share, love.

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