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Divine Kirtan

Kirtan is the practice of devotional chanting, the coming together to sing God’s glories and elevate one’s consciousness from the mundane to the Divine. The uplifting vibrations created by singing the names of the Lord purifies the mind and stirs the heart.
Kirtan gives strength and awakens nobility. It harmonizes the nerves and eradicates doubt. By reflection and worship of God, love, serenity and compassion are greatly increased, promoting a positive and pleasant temperament. The cosmic harmony and divine intoxication the Sadhaka acquires through Kirtan removes the erroneous ideas of birth, death, bondage, and all dualities.
Wherever the name of God is sincerely sung, a blissful spiritual vibration is felt and emanates outward. The effects of Kirtan last for many hours, sometimes days.
The invigorating power of the mystical syllables flows from the Lord to the mind of the Sadhaka during Kirtan, and greatly intensifies Bhava (intense love of God) and faith, creating a spiritual current that purifies the heart and elevates the Sadhakas to Samadhi. The devotee who realizes the Supreme Lord within fulfills the Divine purpose of life.

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