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New Year's Message from Chandra Om 2008

Om Namah Shivaya,
Happy New Year to you all. Salutations to the inmost Self residing in all beings. May this find you in good health and joy.
Worldly relations are transient, imperfect and impermanent. It is when we identify ourselves with these changing and impermanent relations that we experience attachment, pain and restlessness. The Saints and Sages who had the knowledge of the three periods of time—past, present and future—during the super-conscious state realized the truth and subsequently declared that God alone is eternal, pure, everlasting and perfect. It is only by knowing Him that one can have supreme peace and bliss. This is the only purpose of human life. The commencement of another year is not merely a calendar date or period of time. God has given you another chance to surrender yourself to the purifying light of the Supreme. Make the best use of every moment of this New Year! Remember tomorrow is not guaranteed. Right now, in this very moment, make a solemn determination to eradicate all lower and worldly tendencies, contrary to spiritual life and awake to the Sattvic impressions already within you. Be an embodiment of Divinity. May all who meet you, find in you, a source of inspiration. Let your presence elevate all. You are the Lord’s beloved child. Become the human hand for the Divine will! Bear difficulties. May God bestow on you spiritual strength and power to attain the sole goal of life—God realization—this year and always.
May this New Year bring you ultimate success on the path. May the Lord grant you devotion, wisdom, dispassion, true selflessness and liberation! May you walk the path of truth and humility and lead the Divine life. May your mind melt into the Supreme Self for all eternity. With love, pranams and Om Namah Shivaya.


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