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New Year's Message from Chandra Om 2011

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Hari Om! At this auspicious time of the new year I send to you all my sincere heartfelt wishes for a bright and successful year ahead. May God bless you with spiritual aspiration, unfoldment and divine peace, bringing to you spiritual light and illumination.
As you reflect on the valuable lessons learned in the past year, may you move forward more fully resolved than ever toward the goal of God-realization. Armed with alertness, wisdom and humility, take the lessons learned in self reflection and make a whole souled dedication to fill the new year with selfless service, ethical living and spiritual striving.
The life of purity and universal love saves one from all sorrow and removes all doubt. Never doubt. If doubt assails you, counter it with the remembrance that the true nature of the soul—Existence, Knowledge, Bliss Absolute—is the birthright of the soul. With calm resolution be ever vigilant and cheerful, ascending higher and higher toward your true nature, Divine perfection. It is not always easy, this is true. In self reflection and meditation you may observe thoughts and qualities you do not like or never suspected you are capable of. Perhaps these are qualities you have observed in others but never dreamed existed within your own subconscious. This flattening of the ego is essential and indispensable if you are to pursue the inner transformation of Self knowledge. The process of self introspection, analysis and humility develops tremendous bhakti and sraddha (devotion and faith). It is this Sadhana that makes all other sadhana's fruitful.
Remember, she who stumbles at first will get stronger and stronger. All delusions vanish as the sunlight of Self knowledge becomes more and more luminous. The burdens of ignorance and doubt become lighter and lighter and then the time comes when the Sat-Chit-Ananda alone remains.
May this new year bring you ultimate success on the path. May you stand supreme and say, "I am Existence, Knowledge, Bliss Absolute. I am not bound by happiness or misery. I am not this body nor the decays that come to the body. I am not this mind nor the fears and superstitions that come to the mind. I am Eternal. I am the Blissful One". As you go on repeating, strength comes.
All beings are repositories of the Divine, for God alone is the indweller of all hearts. Allow the remembrance of this universal presence behind all maya to be your faithful Sadhana. Be kind to all. Be polite and compassionate. Be merciful and forgiving. Remember the words of Jesus and cast no stone upon another. Be pure in thought, word and action. Bear no ill will toward anyone. Forgive and forget. Love all, serve all. Make up your mind to never lose sight of the One who abides in all. You cannot fail.
God bless you.

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