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No Higher Virtue than Ahimsa

Of all the virtues involved in the science of yoga, there is none higher than ahimsa. Ahimsa is the golden thread that runs through all Yoga practice and is the foundation on which all Yogis build the Divine life. Practice of Ahimsa develops pure, unconditional and universal love.

The one message of all saints and sages is the message of love. Ahimsa is the highest of all traits found in the mind, speech and actions of all perfected souls. There is only one religion—the religion of love, of peace. There is only one message—the message of unconditional and universal love. Ahimsa is the supreme duty of a Yogi. If you are established in Ahimsa, you have attained all virtues. All virtues spring forth from Ahimsa.

Ahimsa may appear to merely imply non-killing. But, non-injury is not merely non-killing. The true meaning of Ahimsa is non-harming in thought, word and action. The absence of causing any harm to any living creature. Ahimsa is true strength. No Self-realization is possible without Ahimsa.

First, control your physical body and do not give in to the lower and diabolical retaliation tendencies. This may be very difficult in the beginning. Remain calm, reflect and meditate. Remember the Guru and the teachings of forgiveness from all of the Masters. Very soon the old samskaras (past impressions) will begin to subside and mind will become calm. Eventually you will gain tremendous strength and resolve and the lower reactive nature will be transformed into the sublime, gentle and kind nature of the true Self.

After controlling the body, begin to control speech. Make a solemn promise to speak only loving, truthful words, mindful that no harsh words be uttered. Observe silence. Just as with the conquering of physical violence, the violent speech tendencies will slowly diminish and be gone completely.

Eventually, you will learn to conquer all thoughts involved in harming or injury. This is sometimes the most difficult samskara to conquer, but you must always remember you are not your thoughts…they are merely a product of Prakriti, or nature. But as a Yogi, we must eventually control all thought projection, and the most important of all these is to control harmful thoughts. Never think of injuring anyone. Every time an injurious thought appears, remember the One Self dwelling in all. By injuring any aspect of God, you injure your own Self. By loving any aspect of God, you love your own Self.

The imperishable force of God protects all who are rooted in Ahimsa. The practitioner of Ahimsa loses all fear and finds God very quickly, realizing the unity and oneness of Consciousness. All beings love life and have an equal right to live free from violence. The Yogi who realizes this will be in harmony with all creation. Love all.

Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya Om

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