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Satya – Truthfulness

Of all the qualities to be cultivated by the Yogi, there is none higher than Satya. Satya is complete truthfulness, in which thought, word and act should agree. Satya does not twist or modify in any way.
God is truth. Truth alone prevails. Whatever you have heard or seen, it must be spoken of as it is. By living truthfully, the mind is purified and the Divine light dawns. A Sadhaka is of noble countenance—nobility is truth.
Talkative people are often exaggerating. A Yogi should say exactly what they see and represent exactly the truth. But, if someone is going to get hurt, ahimsa takes the priority and it is better not to say anything and maintain silence. Mahatma Gandhi was a man of truth. The Mahatma told us, “it is better to die than to lie.” Use discrimination in practicing this restraint. For example, you may have to restrain yourself from telling the truth in order to help someone, as long as no harm is done.
Always keep careful note of the activities of the mind, as she is always ready to modify and distort the truth. Remember that God alone is truth (Sat)—all else is untruth (Asat). So, for the Sadhaka bent on liberation (God communion), truth is the only way, for any deviation from the truth is a deviation from God.
Through Satya, the Yogi is purified of all lower tendencies. For one who is established in perfect truth, whatever she utters or thinks comes true.
Satya is not merely refraining from misrepresenting the truth, but upholding the truth—in thought, word, and action. To be false to your true Self is Asat. Remember your true, stainless Self. Allow all thought, speech and action to be a living manifestation of that purity within—the purity of truth. Success comes quickly to the sincere aspirant steeped in Satya, experiencing the Divine as the ultimate goal. This is the sole purpose and true fulfillment of life.
As you become more and more sensitive, you may notice if you did something untruthful, you cannot rest. False accusations are another form of misrepresenting the truth. Be certain of what you are stating and never follow the lower mind. Use the higher mind, the Buddhi. If you always speak the truth, it gradually becomes like an automatic reflex. My beloved Guru expounded, “Stick to the truth, or it will not be found.” Practice Satya under all circumstances. The Yogi who upholds truth supports and helps to sustain the Eternal Dharma.


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