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Saucha – Purity

Saucha is perfect purity in body, thought and action—internal and external cleanliness. Internally, saucha allows the mind and body to be free of all impurities so that they may reflect the highest spiritual truth.
In the yoga system, the only real dirt is avidya, ignorance of the true Self. Deeper levels of saucha are in the mind, emotions and even deeper in the intellect. The Yogi works to remove negative emotions and thoughts, all of which are due to ignorance that is exposed with a clear intellect. The mind, little by little, must be freed from feelings of lust, envy, pride, fear, jealousy, arrogance, hatred and delusion. All demoralizing thoughts must gradually be driven away with the power of positive thoughts and flawless conduct. Devotional chanting (kirtan), repetition of mantras and the reading of holy books are the highest mental purifiers.
Externally, Saucha refers to clean clothes, body and appearance. Keep the body free from smoke, drugs, alcohol and food that is cooked, tasteless, stale, excessively salty, hot, dry, bitter, over-ripened, unclean, fried or oily. Shun the intake of flesh. Avoid garlic, onions, and sweets. Eat live foods (fruits, vegetables and nuts). You will be freed from many deadly diseases and success in meditation is certain. Postures will clean toxins from the body. Pranayama will purify the nervous system.
Saucha not only addresses personal moral conduct of the Sadhaka, but also to the contact with and transference of impurities. Shun negative company, conversations and environments. When you do come in contact with impurities, immediately close the gateways of the senses so as not to be a conduit for their transference at a future time.

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