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Students' Success

Beloved Family,

Om Namah Shivaya! Salutations to the Supreme Being who is the indweller in all hearts. It is with great joy I send this note to you. The Lord has blessed us again and again.

The history of this school is rooted in the Holy teaching of my Beloved Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. It was about a decade ago that I decided to make solid plans to begin a teacher training program to disseminate the ideals and teachings of classical Yoga as taught to me by my Beloved Master. At that time my intention was and remains not only to disseminate the authentic teachings of my Beloved Guru, but also to preserve the Holy and ancient teachings for all who sincerely wished to study traditional Yoga. In those early days, we did not even have a specific home, but in spite of that, a powerful Sangha began to flower. Soon we were in our own space, the class of 2003 being the first to study there. An army of ardent devotees began to find their way to the school and it has since become a center of spiritual power and attraction for thousands of sincere seekers. The classes and trainings conducted daily elevate and unite humanity. My immense appreciation for one and all of you who are engaged in this sublime spiritual mission. May you all progress towards the goal very fast.

I am humbled and inspired by the selfless spirit of the students, teachers and innumerable graduates of the Shala. The continual and entirely selfless service shows the Divine Will that human effort can serve to accomplish in the heart of one who is both sincere and involved in surrender of the ego and personal self. My most heartfelt pranams to you for being the human hand for the Divine Will. You have cultivated deep concentration and selfless attitude which is highly commendable and will reap beneficial results for thousands of sincere seekers. The spirit in which the school has always existed fills my heart with inexpressible joy. You have all joined together for the furthering of a glorious mission, with an Infinite power at the helm! Willing and joyous cooperation is necessary in spiritual undertakings, where wealth, power, name and fame are not the objectives. May God bless you all.

With each group of new graduates, Sadhakas and sincere spiritual seekers, the banner of Divinity is raised higher at the Shala, and those who gather under it are spiritual heroes May the Shala be a center of spiritual activity for all time to come! May the Shala flourish as a dynamic center of Divinity and its teachers bring peace, solace and joy to all spiritual aspirants. Those who worship God with exclusive devotion, realizing His Presence in everything and in every direction, cross the ocean of Samsara very happily, and get rid of the terrible fear of birth and death. May God bless you all with health, peace, self-discipline and illumination. The Divine hand works mysteriously, and all things take place by the Lord’s will for the betterment of all. Be in tune with God always. May you all progress rapidly on the spiritual path.

Lots of love and understanding for you all, Chandra

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