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In this 20 minute video, expert teen teacher Koren Palmaan teaches inner city teenagers in a Los Angeles High School.
Koren Palmaan creates a classroom dynamic that is magnetic for teenagers.  Watch and learn from her powerful teaching example where students are challenged, encouraged, and guided to have a profound yet fun yoga experience.
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posted: 12 years 6 days ago
posted: 6/11/12
It's not what is poured into a student that counts, but what is planted. - Linda Conway It is awe-inspiring to watch how a sequence of poses can infuse students with energy, or calm them down, or engage their full attention, or invoke a deep relaxation response. The way we teach asana (postures) is important and I love to discover what works with teenagers and share it with you. However, many teachers are encountering road blocks in making their classes appealing and wondering why their classes are not retaining students.The answer is complex but there is a fundamental principal to...

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